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Who Needs Enemies (Harri Phillecki, PI #1) Robots and Empire (Robot #4)

She thinks she is. He nodded. I dont know if shes delusional or insane or what, but she believes that itll work. That I could become a siren and join her for the rest of eternity.

Yes. And she told me that they did not burn their bodies, but entombed them within sarcophagi so thick no hammer or device could open them. Sealed with spells and clever locks. Never to be opened.The drunk goat told me that it was because they lived in fear of someone getting in. To take their bodies.

Ice Kissed (Kanin Chronicles #2)

Yrene was glad she was leaning on the table. The way the Valg now use humans for possession.A nod. She rambled about how they had left their knowledge of healing for us to find. That they had stolen it from elsewhere, and that their teachings formed the basis of the Torre. That Kamala herself had been trained in their arts, their records discovered in tombs and catacombs long since lost to us. She founded the Torre based off what she and her small order learned. Worshipped Silba because she was their healing god, too. Hafiza gestured to the owls carved throughout her workroom, the Torre itself, and rubbed at her temple. So your theory could hold water. I never learned how the Fae came here, where they went and why they faded away. But they were here, and according to my predecessor, they left some sort of knowledge or power behind. A frown toward that locked bookcase.That someone is now trying to erase. Yrene swallowed. Nousha will kill me when she hears those books and scrolls were taken.

Faefever (Fever #3)

Oh, she might very well. But shell likely go on the hunt for whoever did it first.What does any of it mean, though? Why go to so much trouble?

Hafiza strode back to her tonic, the hourglass nearly empty. Perhaps that is for you to learn. She added a few more drops of liquid to her tonic, grabbed the one-minute glass, and flipped it over. I shall consider the books, Yrene.

Yrene returned to her room, flung open the window to let in the breeze to the stifling chamber, and sat on her bed for all of a minute before she was walking again.CHARLES TIPPED HIS fathers computer monitor so that it was at a better angle and wiggled the keyboard until it felt right.

Hed told Bran that he could run the pack just fine from his own home while Bran was gone, just as he had the last dozen times that the Marrok had to be away. But this time had looked as though it might last awhile, and his da had been adamant that it was important to keep the rhythms of the pack the same.It wasnt that he didnt understand his das reasoning—some of the hoarier wolves under his das control werent exactly flexible when it came to change—but understanding didnt make it any easier for Charles to function in his das office, his das personal territory.


Charles couldnt work in the office without making it his own—and wasnt that just going to set the fox among the hens when his da got back and had to reverse the process. But Bran would understand, as one dominant male understands another.Charles had to admit, if only to himself, that hed moved the mahogany bookcases to the other side of the room and reorganized the titles alphabetically by author, instead of by subject matter, just to mess with Bran. Anna, he thought, was still the only person on the planet who honestly believed he had a sense of humor, so he was pretty sure he could make his da believe the rearrangement was necessity.

Charles hadnt moved the bookcase until Bran called him this morning, a week after hed left the pack in Charless keeping, to let him know that his initial business was concluded—and Bran had decided he would take another week to travel.Charles couldnt remember the last time Bran had taken a vacation from his duties. Charles hadnt realized that his da was capable of taking a vacation from his duties. But if the rearrangement of Charless life was no longer essential, just required, then he felt free to make some changes to make his life easier. And so hed rearranged his das office to suit himself.

Even in the redecorated room, it took Charles longer than normal to lose himself in his work, his wolf restless in his fathers place of power. Eventually, the hunting game that was international finance grew interesting enough that Brother Wolf let himself be distracted.It was a complicated dance, to play with money at this level. The battle pleased Brother Wolf, the more so because they were good at it. Brother Wolf had a tendency toward vanity.

Eventually, drawn in by the subtle hunt for clues in the electronic data on his screen, he sank into what his mate called finance space, chasing an elusive bit of rumor, stocks rising for no apparent reason, a new company seeking financing but there was something they werent saying. He couldnt tell if what this company was hiding was good news or bad. He was running down the background of an engineer whod been hired at what looked to be abnormally high salary for his title when he was pulled out by the sound of the door hitting the wall.He looked up, Brother Wolf foremost at this interruption to his hunt. It didnt help his temper that it was his das mate whod barged into (what was now) his territory without permission.

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