The Wedding Date (The Wedding Date #1) One True Loves

I heard footsteps clattering back up the stairs, Eli being deliberately noisy, but stopping before his head rose above floor level. You still human?

My mind circled back to Adan. Adan had been playing with time. The last moments of the battle that had freed Adan flashed through my memory. There was something there, something important about using magic. Time slapped back to full speed.As the last member of the inner circle of Clan Yellowrock able to wield a weapon, I accept for my master, Koun said. He was standing behind me and I had no idea when he had appeared there. Weapons, he said, one sword, one battle-ax, no armor.

Clean Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles #1)

I will fight the Blood Master of Clan Yellowrock and no other, Dominique said. Her tone and her stance were insolent and there was a trace of something in her light eyes that said she expected to win by cheating. First blood.Challenge accepted. One blade each, no longer than fourteen inches. Claws and talons, I said. And then I smiled, letting my lips expose my teeth slowly in threat. Beast peered through my eyes. Jewelry is acceptable.Dominique blinked, realizing that I knew about the ruby, knew she was going to cheat with magic against the most important rule in Sangre Duello and dominance fights. And that I didn’t care.

Hogfather (Discworld #20)

I gave her a jut of my head and drew on Beast energies. Everyone cleared the floor space and I moved to Eli. My partner and second was holding a Desert Eagle .50- caliber handgun at his thigh. He holstered it with a tiny click. You sure about this? he asked.Yeah. I’m sure. Because I had remembered the thing I had learned when Adan was in a cage, harnessing the timewalking magic of an arcenciel. Stealing her magic. If I could feel the pull of Dominique’s ruby, then I could use its power. And the motes of power in my middle said I could take all its magic for myself. I was becoming the Dark Queen in truth.

Eli paused in helping me prepare for this fight. Why?

Because the myth that came with it said that the blade has magic in it. It will deflect or lessen the mortal blow of any enemy. Whoever owns the blade can’t die in battle.Blade, I said to Eli, assuming that the boy wonder already had one in hand.

Explain yourselves, Leo said around his fangs, in the soft velvety tones of the mesmerizing fanghead.Derek sighed and drew a weapon. Standard ammo, boss. You try to kill us, go into a feeding frenzy, we’ll shoot you, let you heal. Come back at a better time.

The Two Swords (Hunter's Blades #3)

It’s what a good Enforcer does, I said. Leo scowled at me, but I stepped close and extended the bottle to him. The Master of the City of New Orleans, way underdressed for a business meeting, wrapped his pale fingers around the neck of the bottle and pulled it from me. Without removing it, he sniffed the cork. Stopped, his eyes narrowing, his head tilting to the side as if to access an old memory. But he didn’t go nutso or try to eat me. Instead, his fangs retracted, his eyes bleeding back to human. He was beautiful and, for a moment, uncertain, perhaps even terrified, though he hid it instantly. He extended the bottle to me. I took it and stepped back.Leo took a breath deeper than he needed for speaking, as if to settle himself, and said, This contains the blood of Louis the Seventh. And Le Bâtard. And a dozen others I recall from long ago. He lifted his brows. And the blood of Titus Flavius Vespasianus.

As Leo spoke, Grégoire peered out with one beautiful blue eye. The scent of fear pulsed into the room. I told you that Le Bâtard is here.Leo said, We have no eyewitness proof of his presence in the city. Be still, my love. But things were moving in the back of Leo’s eyes, like pieces on a chessboard, rearranged and reorganized and reconsidered. Leo was still in the game. Musingly, he said, If the age of the rising revenants and the scent of this blood are indicators, some plan of our enemies has seemingly been in place for two hundred years. The Caruso Family were originally Clan Bouvier, but if they have been the willing spies of the Europeans, they may have set a strategy in motion that we only see with the rising of the revenants.

Grégoire’s face slowly eased away from Katie’s shoulder, his eyes bright with tears. I told you. I am doomed.Leo leaned back, exposing waaaay too much of himself, and stroked Grégoire’s pale white shoulder. Katie pulled a golden comforter over Blondie. You are safe, my darling, she said. Remember that you are safe here. We three are enough to defeat them all.

No one is doomed, Leo said softly, a faint smile on his face, his eyes turning to me in speculation. We are quite safe. All is according to plan.I frowned, not liking that I seemed to be part of his plan. You know why the revenants are rising, I guessed.

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