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See How They Run (Embassy Row #2) Oliver's Hunger (Scanguards Vampires #7)

Yet Damaris gave no answer beyond a faint warmth in the metal. He didnt know what hed expected: some verifying hum of power, a confirming voice in his mind.

Im sorry. What do you mean?The wide-eyed innocent look, the whole act. Youre involved, somehow, in what happened. Now listen to me. Your mum has convinced me – this time – to let things lie. That it is in my best interests for it not to come to light that youve been up to something under my nose. And, frankly, I dont care whatever you may have got away with this time. But no more. Not in my house. Not everything is your mums decision; there are things she cannot control. Do you get it?

I'll Be Slaying You (Night Watch #2)

There are a million things I could say. I could deny all the accusations hidden behind his words; I could repeat the authorized story of events; I could cry and pretend I dont understand.Yes. I get it, I say. I hold my hands together to stop them shaking. Use the fear; feed the anger.Dad nods. That was the only answer you could have given to stop me from returning you, right now.

Evernight (Evernight #1)

He drives on in silence. We do a loop around to the other side of our village, and he pulls into our drive. Youre too clever by far. Take care you keep out of trouble.A sleepless night follows: too many miseries swirl through my mind, wanting attention. The morning alarm for school comes early, but there is no question of taking another day off. A good little Slated wouldnt, and Ive been told: Im keeping out of trouble. But how can I get through today, be ordinary, pretend like nothing is wrong? How? Put one foot in front of the other; take one step at a time.

So I get out of bed. School uniform on; brush hair. Pretend to eat breakfast. And wait for the bus in grey drizzle, arms folded tight around myself, shivering against cold that falls from the sky and sinks deep in my bones. No lift with Jazz and Amy again today as she is still on work experience.

When the bus comes I cant bring myself to sit at the back, in Bens seat, so I pick the only other empty one. Were half-way to school before I remember this was Phoebes seat. I catch a few barbed glances: they dont like that I sat here. But does anyone even notice one Slated boy less in the back row?It went well, I said, then paused when a wave of doubt hit me. I tried to replay the night in my head, searching for any mistakes I mightve made. I think.

Im sure you did wonderful, Dad assured me, and his grin broadened, stretching into one of pride and affection. Every time I looked over, I saw you standing at attention. You looked so grown up and so … official.My little girl is all grown up, he said wistfully and reached to tousle my blond waves.

Dark Guardian (Dark #9)

Dad. I ducked away from his hand, but I couldnt help but smile at him. Can you at least wait until were out of the palace to get all mushy?He opened his mouth, probably to point out that we were alone, but then we both heard the sound of footsteps coming down the corridor. Instinctively, I stood up straighter and put my shoulders back. I was about to start buttoning my jacket back up, but then I saw Konstantin Black walking right toward my dad and me, and for a second I forgot to breathe.

We allowed movies and music from the human world, but the true rock stars of our society were the Högdragen. They had been ordinary Kanin who worked their way up to powerful positions of respect and authority, and none had done it quite so quickly or with as much flare as Konstantin Black. Still in his twenties, he was already the Queens personal guard—the youngest in recorded history to have such a position.His black velvet uniform, embellished with silver thread and jewels, was the most luxurious of all the Högdragen uniforms, and even though it was standard for Kanin in his position, his somehow seemed even more divine. His silver sash caught the dim light from the lanterns and managed to glint a little. Even the diamond-encrusted bell handle of his sword sparkled.

He strode confidently over to us, and I tried to remain as blank and composed as I could, as I had been taught. But it was impossible to keep my stomach from doing flips inside me. For years I had been admiring him from afar—for his abilities, his strength, his composure, and, if Im being honest, in more recent years for how handsome he was—and this was already the most personal encounter Id had with him.Wed been in the same room before, but always separated by a sea of people, since his duties kept him close to the Queen, and mine kept me far from her or the King. Hed brushed past me in halls. Id seen him from the crowd as hed demonstrated his skill in fencing games during the summer. But Id never seen him really look at me before, or notice my attentive gaze among all the other adoring faces.

Now here he was, smiling as he stopped in front of us, and it had the same overwhelming effect as looking down from a great height.Id gotten so used to gazing at him from a distance, it was hard not to stare. The way his lips curved up slightly more on the left side as he smiled, or the shadow of stubble that had grown darker on the smooth line of his chin as the night progressed, or the way his black hair was slick and straight until it began to curl at the nape of his neck, where it stopped just above his collar.

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